Taking Stock #4

Great news! I’m picking myself up and out of a one month slump in the blogger’s world! Its been very eventful and fast moving but I have got to keep at it if I’m ever going to crack it at all in this writing thing… But first, what I’ve been up to in the last … More Taking Stock #4


Here it comes Like clockwork, on time On the dot, everyday I can feel the storm Rising, forming and raging I know what’s coming next That familiar feeling With a violent thrust Heaving and pushing up everything Leaving nothing in its wake Oh the turbulence! Such power, such force Temperature rising, heart racing Uncontrollably shaking … More Turbulence


Enjoy the simple things in life Like breathing, like feeling Be grateful for moments you have Do not dwell on regrets   Learn, Unlearn and Relearn Forgive past mistakes Forgive yourself too Love people, cherish family   Treasure friends old and new Praise God in all things Not FOR all things but IN all things … More NO ONE ELSE CAN

Taking Stock #3

Hey there! Have you got 1 min and 40 seconds? Well, that’s all you’ll need to just sip your hot cocoa or coffee and find out what this blogger has been up to for the past month! PS: It’s an emoji affair.. Worth a try. Cheers… So Last month I…… Made: an important discovery, 🤫no … More Taking Stock #3